Preinstall Garage Door Check List

Getting ready for your garage door installation?

Customers often ask us if there is anything they need to do to prepare for this day and the answer is YES! Before having your garage door installed, there are actually several things you can do to be well prepared for the install. Completing this checklist will ensure that the technicians will be able to provide you with a smooth and fast install of your new garage door.

Here’s everything you need to do to get ready for a smooth and wonderful garage door installation experience with Aroundtown Garage Doors Ltd.

  • MOVE ALL ITEMS at least 10ft (3 Meters). back from the front & sides of the garage. This allows plenty of space for the technicians while they work, as well as ensuring protection to your valuables.
  • MOVE ALL BIKES & TOYS from the garage that would cause any safety issues to the technicians.
  • REMOVE ALL CARS FROM THE GARAGE AND DRIVEWAY before your Aroundtown Garage Door’s technicians arrive.
  • REMOVE ANY GARBAGE AND STORED ITEMS hanging from hooks in the garage which would inhibit a free and clear installation.  Remember the door will need to be tested and rolled up and down several times.
  • SWEEP OUT DEBRIS. The cleaner and less cluttered, the safer and healthier the work environment is for the technician.
  • REMOVE DECORATIONS. Remove any decorations you may have around or hanging on your garage door. This includes Christmas lights, hanging plants, wreaths, etc.
  • FINALLY, STAY CLEAR of the installer while they are working. Garage door removal and installation is dangerous and should only involve technicians.

So as you can see, with this simple list, you will be more than prepared for your garage door installation appointment.

If you require cleaning and preparation services, please email or call and we will get things figured out for you!

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